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Victory Song at Elagaia 

Inspired by Pindar's victory songs for the winners in the Ancient Greek Games, an old athlete recalls his moment of victory in the pentathlon event at the Nemean Games.

In Praise of Telesilla of Argos at The Battle of Sepeia 

Called a "divinely tongued" woman, Telesilla turned the Spartans away in 494 B.C. This video uses Larissa Castle and the Temple of Hera as backdrops for Telesilla's musing (written by Dianne).

The Argive Heraia

A walking tour the temple of Hera near Argos. Supported by The Arete Fund and created as an invitation to participate in the Revival of the Ancient Argive Heraian race and cultural festival in Argos, Greece. August 31-September 1, 2019. 

Please visit and

The Mother in all Things

A response to religious intolerance in out time. Earth Icons by Dianne Tittle de Laet

Photography by Steven de Laet

Song to the November Moon 

An excerpt from "Praise Song for an American Hero."

Photography by Steven de Laet

Walking Song on Doe Mesa

Filmed on Doe Mesa. Sedona, Arizona

Excerpts from "Praise Song for An American Hero

Performed at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center    Santa Cruz, CA

Trail of Tears

A collaboration with Yurkio Doi, Director of Theater of Yugen. Performed at ElaGaia in Xouni, Greece. 

Izmir International Music Festival 2000

Excerpt from a performance at the Koc Hall in Instanbul, Turkey. 

Izmir International Music Festival 2000

A performance in the Great Theater at Ephesus on July 3, 2000

The Festival of Argos 2005

Rehearsal in the Great Theater of Argos, Greece July, 2005

Sappho performance at Stanford

"We thank Dianne de Laet for her ravishingly beautiful Sappho presentation last night. She reminded what a mesmorizing treasure we still have in Sapphon thanks in part to what the Hellenistic world preserved at Alexandria for a millenium despite what huge majority was lost seemingly forever.  Dianne made us feel as if Sappho herself appeared before us last night." --- Professor Patrick Hunt, Stanford University. March 15, 2011.

Diary of and Infidel

Poem by Dianne Tittle de Laet

Offerings for Peace

Costumes to be worn at the Ta Heraian Festival. Argos, Greece

August 31 - September 1, 2019

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