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The Journey of Mothers: An exhibit of 100 figures

Shown at:

Gallery 2611, Redwood City, California 

Redwood City Art Center.

Tonantzin Gallery, San Juan Bautista, California

Speck Design, Palo Alto, California.

"A space both sacred and tremendously welcoming, with so much beauty to breathe in. Thank you!"

         ~ Mary Lee McNeal


"I like it better, darkened. It enhances the spirit."

        ~ Carrie Ghan.


"I love your show. Your found objects are so interesting – the layering and texture of the pieces along with your attention to detail is wonderful. This is a magic space!"

        ~ Denise Soultanian


"I’ve enjoyed your Native American display so much as well as The Trail of Tears “story….”

       ~ Nedra Ross Moore


"I have enjoyed your exhibit from its beginning here. It is such a spiritual feeling there – such a very special place…."

       ~ Bonnie Linde


"I am from DayTop. We have an exhibit here and our families have come to see. My parents are making me feel stressed and off centered. I walk around to cool off and I see this place. I sat down and relaxed. This is where I gained peace that they try to give me, peace through medication and countless hours of medication. I found that peace here and for this I thank you."

       ~ Sincerely, Brendon


"Please let no jealousy arise from what I say for that would be contrary to my thoughts. But few in life are so cheering, that the beauty of Life’s simplicity can shine so bright from the zeal of the heart. Oh what a treasure I have found in these moments with you: your husband is so blessed. May nothing on earth, in heaven or hell, destroy the grace, glory and peace that emanates from the heart of God in all things found here."

       ~ Harvey

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