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Gifts of thank you notes from third graders

after a presentation of

“The Journey: A Praise Song for an American Hero

Dear Mrs. Ross,


"Thank you for birngging all this stouf….It was nice for you to do this amazing stouf. Also you are a good artise for us. You are a hroe of mien."





To Mrs. de Laet


"Thank you for taking us on a jurny through the trail of tears. It was very sad and emotional. It made me start to cry a little. I love the way you dance. You are so agile and swift. Thank you for giving us a once in a life time experience."






Dear Mrs. de Laet,


"Thank you for the presentation yesterday. I liked the story. I “feel” the presence of the tribes. I liked that you shared all the awesome artifacts because they are special! Thank you for sharing with us."





Mrs. de Laet


"Thank you so much for the presentation yesterday. The story you told really took hold of me! I can see why Quatie is your hero. Also, all of those beautiful artifacts that you brought inspired me to start making things out of bark and natural things! Once again, thanks so much for coming and showing me all the wonderful items the Cherokee tribe used."




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