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CYBELE, THE ALL MOTHER: From the Ancient and Middle East: (Harp)

         - Introduction: From the essay “The Defense of Idols” by Maximus of Tyre (Lebanon)

         - Enuma Elish (Opening verse from Babylonian Creation Story, sung)

         - Excerpts from Lament for Tammuz

         - Inanna And The Huluppu Tree: Sumer (Myth

         - Oldest Song: “We were born of thee: The goddess loves us in her heart.”

         - Sumerian Akkadian hymn to the Stars

         - In response: I, The All Mother or News from the Queen of the Morning Star



         - Sacred Verse From the Old Testament (Harp)

         - Victory Song of Deborah

         - From Judges: The story of Jepthah’s Daughter

         - Song for Jepthah’s Daughter: 91st psalm / Hebrew Song at Daybreak /

         - Selections from Genesis, Job, Psalms, Song of Songs

         - In Response: A Lament for Jepthah’s Daughter in the New Millennium

         - I, Hagar



        - From the Ancient Greek Oral Tradition of Praise Song (Harp)

        - Verse from Sappho

        - Selections from Euripides’ Trojan Women

        - Verse from The Cypria and Homer: poets Pindar,Alcman and Simonides

        - In Response: I, Earth Mother


QUATIE: Praise Song for an American Hero (DRUM/DANCE)

        - A Walking Song: Excerpts from eye-witness account of “Trail of Tears”

        - Verse from America’s Native American Oral Tradition

        - In Response: “Song To November Moon” for Quatie Ross

Presentations may also include verse from the Norse epic, The Elder Edda.

           Hymn to Odin     Lay of Baldur    Song of Sybil

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